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Overall Portfolio

During my experience working for Eastfield’s Marketing team, On average, I've managed 950 projects managed each year. Here are some highlights of mine while I held this position:

Improved Systems

  • Upon arrival, I tested, tried, and implemented new automations and procedures with a new project management system for my team. Ultimately creating a system to allow our clients to check their project’s status in real-time.

  • Improved project tracking. I created a system to be able to track requests by divisions, late submissions, and marketing needs on a monthly/yearly basis

  • Created a way for only key stakeholders in each department to have to ability to submit requests to minimize duplicate requests.

  • Trained campus employees and groups in independent meetings on different marketing systems such as our project management system, creating online forms, and ADA Accessibility best practices.


Served as EFC’s Marketing Primary Point of Contact

  • I hosted multiple monthly departmental meetings with the college to ask “what could marketing do for you?”. These meetings also served as a time to discuss any upcoming events or ideas they may have had.

  • Once a request is submitted, I am the first person that a client speaks with in regards to their campaign project. From there, I develop a strategic plan to find a creative solution to meet their goals.


Served Other Roles

  • Webmaster: Managed the Eastfield website from November 2018 to August 2019. Held a part-time webmaster role afterward.

  • Administrative: Due to not having an admin within our department, I managed orders to be placed for vendors, managed budgets, and received in payments for our team from 2019 to Current

  • Managed Advertising Plans: I helped manage our advertising plans alongside my Director. This included allocating budgets, leading creative, and designating advertising companies that were chosen to work with.

  • Part-Time Designer: Our team had a shortage of graphic designers for a couple of months. I stepped in for minor updates to previously designed templates.

Eastfield Highlights

Dallas College Unified Welcome Week

During our new Marketing Network transition into one college, I assumed the role of District's Marketing Project Manager along with another colleague, assigning, and managing all of the requests that are submitted from each campus. While trying to process out the best way to promote events, I managed a new project, “Unified Welcome Week”, the district’s first official unified event for the new school year.  This project was important because it would set the standard of how unified campus events will be promoted from then on.


I processed a way to create a baseline “template” for promoting and shared it with the team leads that I assigned to the project. This template included the type of graphics we would provide and the info found on each graphic, the website layout, the social media schedule, and inclusion in the newsletter. After this initial team discussion, we met with the Student Life Welcome Week team. This is where I explained the scope, timeline, and resources needed to complete the project. Once both teams were on board, marketing and student life started the project. I provided weekly check-in meetings from both teams to discuss updates. Once deliverables were finalized and the project was complete, I hosted a recap meeting with the marketing team leads to inquire about their thoughts and feedback.


After minimal changes to the promotion template, we decided that this will now be the standard guideline implemented for all unified event promotions.

2020 Virtual Graduation

On June 13, 2020, the colleges of DCCCD virtually held their final graduation ceremonies celebrating nearly 10,000 students who completed degrees or certificates. A small team within Districtwide Marketing and Communications created online ceremonies for seven colleges with Keynote speaker Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Maverick. These ceremonies included free regalia for graduates and surprise gift boxes mailed to graduates’ homes.

To learn more about what it took to complete this project, click here.

2019 Heroes Run

In 2019, Eastfield hosted the district’s annual Heroes Run, a 5K marathon to salute first responders and military service members. I served as the campus marketing point of contact within the cross-functional committee which included our college president and assistant, facilities, audio and visual, the police team, student engagement, our veteran’s department resource development, the District’s Foundation representative.


My role was in the committee was to provide resources, expectations, timelines, and strategic marketing expertise to this committee. For my marketing and creative services team, I provided direction, feedback, and updates for each part of the project. I personally created the website and online forms used for the marathon, as well as, organizing volunteers and designating roles for the day of the event. I managed this project while keeping client relations at the top of mind. I provided each department in the committee a deliverable from marketing such as a branded logo, flyer, campus map for the police, motivational signs along the track, banners and signs provided to external vendors to print, t-shirt designs and more.


Overall, it was a great turnout and an exciting day.

2018 Homecoming / Eastfield Mascot Reveal

All seven colleges within Dallas County Community College District hosted their very first Homecoming Celebration in Fall 2018. Each campus created its own set of events and marketing. The Student Life Engagement team on the Eastfield campus put together five events which included a Pep Rally Kick-off, Game Day & Tailgate, Day of Service, Employee vs Student Volleyball game, and a Homecoming Party.


During this time period, Eastfield’s Marketing team also planned to solidify our recent rebrand with a mascot reveal. During our Homecoming promotion, we also ran a survey to ask our students, employees, and community to cast their vote for their favorite name for the Mascot. “Motley” was chosen and revealed during the Pep Rally Kick-Off.


My role was to manage these projects while leading direction within our team and communicating with other departments on campus.


Homecoming also became an anticipated event in 2019.

32 Degree Audio

32 Degree Audio Highlights

Google's #1 Spot

I was hired as 32 Degree Audio's first Marketing Manager since their business launch in 1997. At the time, their 20-year business was not found on  Google search engine's top pages. I took on the task to improve their listing rank for a couple of keywords.

Within two months, I improved their SEO to being ranked #78 to the #1 spot on Google without ads. It was not an easy task, but I worked tirelessly on research as well as executing the tasks that needed to be done to achieve this ranking. Because of now being able to be easily found on Google, this increased our potential leads, causing our conversion rate to grow.

I created a chart for the following month to track our competition's rank so that we could stay on top of businesses within DFW.

Customized Graphic Services

Leadership at 32 Degree Audio knew of my graphic abilities and wanted to know of ways to monetize from it. I created two package add-ons to provide our clients using my design abilities: GeoTargeted Snapchat Filters and Customized Digital Screen graphics.

I created a couple of digital sign graphics and Snapchat filters for a couple of businesses such as Red Hot & Blue BBQ - Dallas and the Joule Hotel. As an added bonus, I even created the menus (digital and print) for Red Hot & Blue BBQ - Dallas.

New Service Website

32 Degree Audio and I launched a new service, AV-EMT, an AVT emergency repair company. I launched the new service by creating all of the listings in appropriate channels (social, web directories, etc), promoted at conference tabling events, sent mailers to current and past clients, created swag, and created their booking website/logo.

It is still being used today with some modifications since I've left.

Denton County Transit Authority (DCTA)

DCTA Highlights

DCTA's Blog Redesign Launch

My First Professional Award

DCTA needed a new website to revamp their old blog site. No, I did not build the website, but I was the creator of all graphics related to the launch. We launched the new blog, titled, in January 2016. At this point, it was my 2nd month into my role.


This project won an SWTA Marketing Spotlight first place Award and a Gold Medal in the 2016 Hermes Creative Awards, a national digital marketing competition, in the Overall Blog category! At that point in time, I had only been in my current role for two months. I'm extremely proud because my graphic concept/designs and hard work is what made this possible.


Going forward, I managed all blog graphics, blog schedules, and I even contributed to the blog as a monthly author.

A-train 5th Birthday Campaign

DCTA celebrated five years of A-train service in June 2016. We offered a free pass for the day of the A-train' Birthday. I created and managed everything from the social media infographics, the graphic milestones, the social media ads, and also the ticket voucher that riders were to give the train operator.


This campaign won an award in the Dallas PRSA Pegasus Award program and an Honorable Mention in the Marcom Awards. I'm especially proud of these awards because I managed and executed everything in the campaign.


I was able to communicate within the DCTA functional teams from Marketing to Operations. For more images from this campaign, click below.


An Earth Day photo contest and free ride campaign

DCTA celebrated Earth in 2017 by having a campaign titled, #GoGreenGoDCTA. It included a photo contest and a downloadable free ride coupon only valid on Earth Day. The purpose of this campaign was to bring awareness to public transportation’s positive impact on the environment and to encourage community members to go green via public transit.


I created all graphics which included social media graphics, infographics, social media ads, and the ticket voucher that granted passengers their free ride. For more images from this campaign, click below.

Above are a couple of my favorite campaigns and projects over the past years. There are plenty more where that came from! To read get more detail on the awards won on different projects that I've been a part of, please email me.

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